Making The Transition: Why Your Child Should Continue Dance Lessons When They Start School

I have a lot of parents ask me if they should continue dance lessons as their child transitions into Kindergarten. Many parents are worried that they should stop all extra-curricular activities to reduce stress-levels on their children while they adapt to the new routine of Kindergarten.

However, research shows that preschoolers and young children thrive under routine.

Continuing your child’s regular routine – be it extracurricular activities like dance lessons, or Sunday dinners with their grandparents – can help maintain a sense of stability and predictability in their lives.

Furthermore, dance lessons can also release stress and allow time for an expression of creativity.

Sticking to your regular routine during a time of transition will set your child up for success.

Here are some ideas of how you can create normalcy during a time of change:

  • Create a family calendar and post it on the fridge. Repeat activities on the same days each week.
  • Establish a structured bedtime routine and stick to it every day during the transition.
  • Have a family huddle each morning to remind everyone of the day’s activities.
  • Try to stay patient if things go off the rails. Change can be stressful for children, but with patience you can teach them a valuable life skill of how to thrive under change.

Happy Dancing!

Miss Megan

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