How To Prep For Your Child's First Dance Class

Your child’s first dance lesson is an exciting day. It’s one that you both will always remember.

At Princess Ballerinas, we love welcoming new students into our community! We recognize though that for some children, letting go of mom’s hand and stepping into our studio can be a difficult moment.

Here are some tried, tested, and true tips to help make your child’s first dance lesson a success:

  1. Talk about your child’s first lesson in advance – About a week in advance start talking to your child about their first dance lesson. Tell them how excited the teachers and other students will be to welcome them, and remind them how proud of them you are for trying something new.
  2. Arrange a time to visit the studio – We love to meet our new students in advance! Dropping by the studio to take a look around and meet our staff will calm your nerves and theirs.
  3. Dress you child for success – Come prepared for your child’s first dance lesson. Not sure what to dress your child in? Call your studio to get all of the details.
  4. Reassure your child that you will be close by during the lesson, and right there to give them a big hug when they’re done.

Still have concerns? Be sure to call your local studio to discuss them so everyone can rest at ease!

Happy Dancing!

-Miss Megan

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